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We have two laboratories in Kashiwa, Chiba and Tokai, Ibaraki.

Digital Density Meter DMA4500

Digital Microscope VHX-900

 Digital Density Meter DMA4500:

4 Digit Density, Specific Gravity and, Concentration Meter
Measuring range: 0 - 3 g/cm^3, 0 - 90 degC, Accuracy: ±5x10-5g/cm3, ±0.03℃、Repeatability ±1x10-5g/cm3、±0.01℃
This instrument is used for accurate measurements of solvent viscosities necessary for contrast-variation SANS. Precise density measurements will also be done for water-soluble polymer solutions having a LCST for understanding hydrophobic interaction.

 Digital Microscope VHX-900:

This digital microscope is a versatile microscope with a built-in light source that can be handled without the microscope stand. One of the major characteristics is its long depth of filed of the order of 30 times longer than conventional optical microscopes, which makes it easy to measure the size of gel in a temperature- or pressure-cell and to observe the surface pattern on a gel. The magnification covers from 35x to 1000x.


Polarized Microscope (Olympus)

Static/Dynamic Light Scattering (ALV-5000) DLS1

 Polarized Microscope (Olympus):

Poralized microscope (Olympus) with image acquisition sytems.



Static/Dynamic Light Scattering (ALV-5000) DLS2)

 Static/Dynamic Light Scattering (ALV-5000) DLS2):

DLS for special environments, such as High-pressure, High-temperature, and UV-irradiating DLS experiments. The photo shows High-pressure DLS setup.

Static/Dynamic Light Scattering (ALV-5000) DLS2

 Static/Dynamic Light Scattering (ALV-5000) DLS2:

Setup for UV-irradiating DLS experiments. UV light is shed from the downstream. Laser light from the upperstream is scattered by the sample and the scattering intensity is observed at 90 degrees through a UV-cut filter.


Static/Dynamic Light Scattering (ALV-5000) DLS3

Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC8230)

 Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC8230):

Enthalpy change in various transitions, such as in melting and phase transition, can be evaluated.

 Static/Dynamic Light Scattering (ALV-5000) DLS3):

Advanced DLS/SLS instrument for fast dynamics.

Inverted Optical Microscope (TM-300, Nikon)

 Inverted Optical Microscope (TM-300, Nikon):

Inverted optical microscope (TM-300, Nikon) with image processor (Algas 2000, Hamamatsu Photonics) for swelling/shrinking measurements.

Rheometer (Anton Paar、MCR501)

 Rheometer (Anton Paar、MCR501):

The velocity of the rotor is controlled with an air bearing. Cone plate, parallel plate, and quartz cell for SANS, are available.


Dynamic Mechanical Analysis Instrument (UBM)

 Dynamic Mechanical Analysis Instrument (UBM):

DMA instrument to measure viscoelactic properties of solid-like polymer during oscillating motion.

Differential Refractometer

 Differential Refractometer:

Differential refractometer (Photal) for dn/dc measurements.

Karl-Fischer Titrator (Metrohm)

 Karl-Fischer Titrator (Metrohm):

Karl-Fischer titrator for water content measurement of ppm order.