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Welcome to Shibayama Lab. Shibayama Lab. is exploring the structure and dynamics of softmatter, especially polymer gels, block copolymers, and some other complex fluids. By using neutron and photon as a nano-scale and/or mesoscopic probe, we investigate phase transition, phase separation, and molecular dynamics as well as mechanical, thermal, and optical properties of softmatter. Please visit the related pages of this home page and get some flavor our activity.

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- News -

2017-5-16,17 Together with Noguchi Laboratory, Tsukuba Soft Matter 2017 (7th) was held.

2017-5-7 Nishi's paper was adopted as the cover of Soft Matter, issue 17, 2017.

2017-3-24 We introduced SAXS Point 2.0

2016-10  Mr. Sugawara (M2) won the IRCO Best Student Paper Award.

2016-10-20 Yasuyuki Shudo(Student researcher) were nominated Best Presentation Award.


Toshio Nakao (Researcher) were nominated Achievement Award.

2016-10-14 Shintaro Nakagawa(PD)and Kazu Hirosawa(D2)were nominated JSPS(PD、DC2).

2016-6-30 Kazu Hirosawa and Nobuyuki Watanabe were awarded the best poster prize.

2016-3-5 Nobuyuki Watanabe was awarded poster prize.

2016-1-18  Nobuyuki Watanabe was awarded poster prize (RSC Soft Matter) . 

2015-12-14 Kazu Hirosawa was awarded poster prize .

2015-10-27 We updated the Photo.

2015-05-21  Information of apply was updated (Japanese).


2015-05-07  We renewaled the webpage of our laboratory. The old webpage is here.